Junior 3

Well, this time last week I was half way through my practice in my Junior 3 assessment. Happy to say that in spite of my doubts I passed and furthermore had some very complimentary things said about both my teaching and my practice. So, I am now a fully fledged Junior teacher, only 3 Seniors,… Read More »

Assessments – why do we do them?!

All Iyengar teachers have a very rigorous training in order to qualify to use the Iyengar certification mark. This starts with a minimum 3 year regular practice with an Iyengar teacher, a selection process and a written recommendation from their regular teacher. There then follows around 500 hours of training over 2 years with a… Read More »


Well, here we are, another New Year. Hope you have all said a fond farewell to 2014, learned from its lessons and look forward in love and hope to a great 2015. I feel very excited for 2015 – some big events for me to look forward to and challenges to face – not least… Read More »

Classes over Christmas

Intermediate Friday classes are now finished until the New Year. I am hunting for a new hall so watch this space! Our first Friday back will  not be until 16th January as I am with Richard Ward 5th-9th – always inspiring. So, I’ll have lots to share when I get back. Tuesday and Thursday classes… Read More »

Stand well.

My partner is a Cornishman. He is a good, kind, honest, hard-working, down to earth and by his own admission, simple chap. I am very lucky in that he is extremely supportive of my yoga practice, runs the household when I abandon everyone for classes and workshops and occupies the girls when I practice at… Read More »

Friday Intermediate Dates

Only four classes left before Christmas – now there’s a thought!! Nov 7th, 21st and 28th and then Dec 5th last class, unless we have a Christmas party on Dec 19th?! £30 for all four of £10 per class drop-in.

Half-term dates and class changes.

There will be no Intermediate Friday class tonight Oct 24th or 31st. Next Intermediate class will be Friday 7th 6-8pm. No Tuesday Portreath classes 9.30am-11am or 11.15-12.15 on Tuesday 28th Thursday 30th Portreath 6.15-7.30pm  – as normal but no class Thursday 6th November. Hope that is all clear – please contact me with any queries.… Read More »

Friday Night

I was a little worried about giving up Friday night to teach. Friday is the end of the week. Friday evening is a good time to close the door, cuddle up with the kids and the Cornishman, watch a movie, drink some wine. A reward for the rest of the week, an indulgence! However, I… Read More »

Feeling blessed

Feeling blessed. Absolutely loving teaching my new Friday class, great to see students rise to the challenge of some more challenging poses – brilliant! Need to find a different hall though – mucky feet and mats when we left – not good. Any suggestions?! Camborne, Pool, surrounding villages? Enjoy the weekend. Namaste xx