Junior 3

By | 15/03/2015

Well, this time last week I was half way through my practice in my Junior 3 assessment. Happy to say that in spite of my doubts I passed and furthermore had some very complimentary things said about both my teaching and my practice.

So, I am now a fully fledged Junior teacher, only 3 Seniors, 3 advanced Juniors and 3 advanced Seniors to go. Another lifetime perhaps!

I asked in my last post why on Earth do we put ourselves through the assessments. Well, now I am out of the other side I can honestly say that it is ultimately one of the most rewarding things I have ever done – reassurance that both practice and teaching are on the right track and up to the high standards of the Iyengar association. However, my last words to my own teacher before I left for Maida Vale were that I ‘was where I was’ I am happy with my progress, love how my practice feels and makes me feel. Passing or failing doesn’t make the difference, knowing that you have done the best that you can and are making progress is all the reward we should seek.

Thank you to those of my students who put up with (even, dare I say it, enjoyed) being bent into new shapes – normal service will now be resumed. Mostly resumed!