Karen has been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 2009. Read what some of her pupils have had to say about her classes.

Online Zoom Classes

I found the session today to be really good and it was lovely  you were in the studio.  It was like a little golden nugget of normality against all the strangeness…

Remember you are helping us all move into better times.


I think the sessions are working really well and are certainly helping with structuring the week, thanks


Thank you for putting so much time, effort and attention to detail in your online classes.  They have been so beneficial and help to maintain a sense of normality during lock-down.  Seeing you on screen is like having a friend in the room and it is comforting to hear your calm voice and wave at other members of the class.

Attending the online classes has meant that I’ve increased my weekly presence at yoga and I hope I  can continue once the studio reopens.  Thank you again for being so lovely.


Studio Classes

I’ve been going to Karen’s Iyengar yoga classes for several years and continued going until the very end of my pregnancy.Karen really looked after me and guided me with what I could safely do, and what poses were particularly good for me. When it came to labour and birth the relaxation and breathing learnt through yoga got me through with virtually no pain relief and I was able to remain calm throughout. Now my son is 4 months old I’m back to class.

It’s great to have some me time and yoga helps with the stress and lack of sleep that comes from being a new mum, and should help me get my body back too!

Having spent a few years practicing Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga in Bristol, I was looking for a practice in Cornwall that would help me gain some balance mentally and physically. Karens’ practice using Iyengar yoga was just that.

It helped me gain strength after childbirth and mental cleansing during my training to become a mental health professional. It enabled me to de-stress whilst getting back into shape. Karen’s expert guidance was loving, caring and very supportive during immensely stressful periods in my life.

Without regular input from Karen I doubt I would have completed my course. Her teaching style is ‘hands on’ and structured. She is now a fantastic friend whom I cherish greatly.
Jennifer Johnson

Being a man in my early forties, flexibility was something I thought I had left behind. Thirteen plus years of working with granite had made me physically fit and strong but my flexibility was limited to say the least. I had considered yoga in the past and made my excuses – ‘Will I be the only man?’ ‘Do men even do yoga?’ ‘Am I beyond help?’

As with any class or club it’s always the uncertainty of the new, but ‘biting the bullet’ was eased by Karen’s warmth, reassurance and enthusiasm. And, I wasn’t the only man! Karen’s love of Yoga oozes out of her in class. Her understanding of her subject is obvious in her demonstrations and her words are simple and accessible.

I cannot do all of the poses. Some of the poses I can do really well. This seems to be true of everybody that goes to class. What I do know is that after a few weeks I felt softer and flexibility started to enter my body.

Three years in I still find yoga challenging but so, so beneficial to my body and increasingly, my mind. After class I always feel alive and energized but I also leave class with a real sense of peace.

I started Iyengar yoga classes with a little skepticism, and a “dodgy” back; I was slightly daunted by all the equipment that others arrived with; however my fears were totally unfounded. I soon discovered the benefits of Iyengar yoga, and in the friendly, non-judgmental classes that Karen delivers I found I could do the poses and the equipment helped me achieve them to my potential, I borrowed the equipment until I decided to buy some for myself.

I have attended Karen’s classes for 3 years now and Karen has consistently delivered them, giving clear instructions, tailored to the individual’s ability, giving options for those at different levels; in a class that is frequently attended by various ages, gender, fitness and agility. I never go home disappointed with the session or my performance.

I now have better physical and mental health, my back issues and posture have improved, and with all of that my self-esteem, thank-you Karen (& Mr. Iyengar).
Jo Thomas

I have scoliosis and I was in pain daily. Since doing yoga, the pain has decreased significantly. Karen is a lovely teacher who has guided me through and ensured that I am not doing anything detrimental to myself. My yoga has improved and I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do. The class is very friendly and relaxed and you’re never expected to do anything you can’t do. I would recommend anyone to go to Karen’s class as you will benefit from it.

Lauren Williams (age 18)

Amazing the healing power of a simple thoughtful gesture. Who’d have thought that a blanket for the head could be so transforming. Namaste.

T. Roberts