Loft Studio

After almost 10 years of peripatetic Yoga teaching I decided I need a base. As I remarked to a friend at the time ‘I was sick of sweeping up glitter and Haribo!’

My partner Sal and I had walked past King Edward Mine a few times when we walked the Great Flat Lode Trail and saw the renovation and restoration of several of the buildings on the site. A chance meeting on the site with Tamsyn who had been instrumental in finding the funding and development of the site, led me to view an office space on the first floor of the Count House.

An office space to some, but Sal and I instantly saw past the blue carpets and massive data hub and a few months later on September 1st 2018 I moved in.

The space is light and airy with views across the open countryside. The studio is fully equipped with mats, blocks, blankets and belts. It is warm, it is peaceful, it really is a lovely space.

In addition we have the Croust Hut on site who serve delicious meals, great coffee and cake and the best ever soups.

It was a big step to take on my own studio but I have absolutely no regrets.

The real delight has been watching students old and new enjoy the space. Practice can only become fully mindful if we are free of distractions and the pulls of every day life. Loft Studio instantly delivers a ‘step outside’ of daily life.