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Junior 3

Well, this time last week I was half way through my practice in my Junior 3 assessment. Happy to say that in spite of my doubts I passed and furthermore had some very complimentary things said about both my teaching and my practice. So, I am now a fully fledged Junior teacher, only 3 Seniors,… Read More »

Assessments – why do we do them?!

All Iyengar teachers have a very rigorous training in order to qualify to use the Iyengar certification mark. This starts with a minimum 3 year regular practice with an Iyengar teacher, a selection process and a written recommendation from their regular teacher. There then follows around 500 hours of training over 2 years with a… Read More »


Well, here we are, another New Year. Hope you have all said a fond farewell to 2014, learned from its lessons and look forward in love and hope to a great 2015. I feel very excited for 2015 – some big events for me to look forward to and challenges to face – not least… Read More »

Classes over Christmas

Intermediate Friday classes are now finished until the New Year. I am hunting for a new hall so watch this space! Our first Friday back will  not be until 16th January as I am with Richard Ward 5th-9th – always inspiring. So, I’ll have lots to share when I get back. Tuesday and Thursday classes… Read More »

Stand well.

My partner is a Cornishman. He is a good, kind, honest, hard-working, down to earth and by his own admission, simple chap. I am very lucky in that he is extremely supportive of my yoga practice, runs the household when I abandon everyone for classes and workshops and occupies the girls when I practice at… Read More »

Friday Night

I was a little worried about giving up Friday night to teach. Friday is the end of the week. Friday evening is a good time to close the door, cuddle up with the kids and the Cornishman, watch a movie, drink some wine. A reward for the rest of the week, an indulgence! However, I… Read More »

Feeling blessed

Feeling blessed. Absolutely loving teaching my new Friday class, great to see students rise to the challenge of some more challenging poses – brilliant! Need to find a different hall though – mucky feet and mats when we left – not good. Any suggestions?! Camborne, Pool, surrounding villages? Enjoy the weekend. Namaste xx

What is Yoga? Why Iyengar Yoga?

Fear of the unknown is the biggest challenge in getting people to try a yoga class for the first time, so it might be easier to start by saying what yoga is not! There are a few misconceptions about what goes on in a Yoga class. There’s one image of a group of serene-looking ladies, dressed in… Read More »